The year of way too many unfortunate events. No one can definitively say a year has been entirely bad or good and I want to focus on the good, andif you’re convinced 2020 didn’t bring you any good, at-least the marginally good things that the year had to offer.

A sporadic feeling

The night falls, and darkness encompasses all that surrounds, both around and in my mind.

This eerie but familiar feeling, clouding my thoughts, slowly transforming what was all sunshine and cuckoo birds into woeful ponderations.

Why do I feel like this has all happened before? Why do…

Once upon a time, I used to know a girl, let’s call her Tina. Tina used to love fashion, she loved shopping and trying on different types of outfits. She thought of herself as a small-time fashionista, pairing different articles of clothing together and creating fun outfits. She used to…

Harini Ashok

An introspective reader and writer trying to learn more about why things are the way they are.

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