A sporadic feeling

The night falls, and darkness encompasses all that surrounds, both around and in my mind.

This eerie but familiar feeling, clouding my thoughts, slowly transforming what was all sunshine and cuckoo birds into woeful ponderations.

Why do I feel like this has all happened before? Why do I get the feeling I've been feeling like this way too many times now?

I’m slowly getting tired of running away, from this darkness that swears to engulf me recurringly, when a needle of a pessimistic thought turns into a forest fire, burning through bridges I’ve been so meticulously building, so swiftly.

There is grace with how she flows, into every nook of corner of my mind that she can find, hiding behind the facade that is a promise of happiness, waiting for her time to strike, and when she does, she does so like a tiger attacking her prey, going all out and with no fear.

She is truly a black swan, one that I no longer choose to wilfully ignore.

An introspective reader and writer trying to learn more about why things are the way they are.